Don’t Care if you like them

Supreme is a name that holds weight in the streetwear sneaker scene. What started as subversive brand that was worn by skateboarders, Supreme has evolved into a brand that is worn by celebrities and it’s archives are highly coveted. Their collaborative partnership with Nike is the stuff that make some sneaker enthusiasts salivate, that is until the Supreme Jordan 14.

Since my time in this sneaker space, when Supreme puts its name on a shoe, sellout is inevitable and is followed by favorable reviews. Definitely not the case with the Supreme Jordan 14, but I get it, people are afraid to be different and stand out. Some also think that you are being disrespectful with the design. I laugh at both notions as I cruised the inter web. The Supreme branding is minimal, the stud work in the leather is the hero, added to the Jordan 14 which is designed after the Ferrari 550 Maranello and you have a winner.

I get it, you have to be confident in yourself to rock a shoe that has detailing such as all over studs. In a climate where it’s difficult to identify originality and people wait on others to tell them what’s cool, different will typically receive lukewarm reviews. I simply challenge people to be aware of the hype and wear what you like. Don’t be afraid to be different if that’s what suits you. Comment below to let me know how you feel about the Supreme Jordan 14’s.

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