Educated Guess Adidas Design Workshop

Atlanta is not known by the masses as a hub for art and design, but that may soon change thanks to a stellar start to 2019. Recently, designishuman put on it’s yearly week long Atlanta Design Festival, a festival which is geared to foster design and architecture, in the Atlanta community. One of the keynote events during the festival was a design workshop put together by Justin McElderry of Educated Guess Podcast and hosted at the A Ma Maniere Studio.
    adidas workshop 4
Educated Guess brought out Adidas to hold a design workshop that gave participants a day in the life of an Adidas footwear designer. The task at hand was to design a sneaker that Adidas could sell that embodied the ethos of Adidas and the selected collaborative partner. Each team chose between a a group of brands. My team chose between Cartier, Jeep, Formula 1, NASA and Cartier. Also each group had four models to work with, the 4d Alphaedge, Stan Smith, Adidas Superstar, and Adidas Continental. From that there was free design freedom.
    adidas workshop 3
From there the team worked through the design process to come up with some heat that Adidas could work with to sell to the consumer. We pinned ideas to our mood board, ideas we thought represented the timelessness of Cartier and Adidas. We also sketched some pretty cool renditions of shoes that we the the community would appreciate and a sneaker that represented the luxury of Cartier. You had hybrids in the mix, I’m talking Stan Smiths on 4d Alphaedge soles, Continentals looking like perfect summer accessory to an evening at Home by Martell ATL.  After that our design briefs were presented and thus concluded our design workshop.
  adidas workshop 2
All in all it was a very pleasurable experience, the only thing I wish is that we had more time than a Saturday afternoon to design and I wore any shoe other than the grey Wings & Horn Adidas camp. That raw leather had my feet  feeling at sort of way. All participants left with what I consider to be a very cool time and experience, and a $200 Adidas gift card. Not a bad Saturday afternoon.  Let me know your thoughts on the workshop and comment below.

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