Jordan AWOK 3: The Upscale Solution

When word of this shoe first dropped there weren’t many pictures to see what was what. All we knew was the silhouette and that Anna Wintour had some role in the design. Some time went by and we saw what was brewed up from those meetings in the Vogue office. A sneaker that, I can say, I have never seen done in a manner like this, elegant, classy and upscale. One of the first things that came to mind when I saw this shoe was Chanel!


I often laugh when I hear people talk about the materials of a sneaker, how soft the leather is or isn’t, tumbled leather vs smooth leather. This metallic tweed in red and black is a game changer. It presents a sneaker that is upscale enough to wear to a black tie event turn heads at the most swank of lounges and dope to the point were it sends a message in any meeting. The AWOK 3 bridges the gap between high end wear and casual sneakers.

In the past, women who have been shopping Nike for years, Nike Wives as I refer to Vogue 3them, have not always been at the head of the mission statement for sneaker designs. With the release of this shoe all of that changed. Gemo Wong, Jordan Senior Design Director of Special Projects states, ” A lot of these details hadn’t been implemented on these silhouettes before.” I understand that some of the ladies beef is that they want a hot shoe that isn’t girly or pink. The elegance of this sneaker checks those boxes.

Some even question Anna Wintours connection to Jordan Brand, why is she involved in sneaker design. Answer is, when it comes to female fashion, she is the gatekeeper. She played a role in brands such as OFF-WHITE and Fear of God, both of which have major collabs with Nike. AWOK, which means Anna Wintour Okay, has direct design cues from Anna Wintour herself. Her involvement represents another shoe designed by a woman with other women in mind.

While it didn’t sell out on SNKRS App and is still available, this sneaker is still important for what it represents. The female customer wasn’t interested, for whatever reason it didn’t translate well. Was it the metallic tweed or Anna Wintours involvement, or something else completely, I’m not sure. But I am sure this shoe is sleeper of the year.





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