Augmented Reality is Taking Over The Sneaker Game: SNKRS Pass the New Wave

     Gone are the days where you can walk into your local shoe store and buy any shoe you want, and it be readily available weeks after the release date. Those days are replaced with making reservations within apps on your phone and entering multiple draws and raffles to get the shoes you want.  A new twist is being introduced into the sneaker purchasing experience in the form of augmented reality, a process where you open the SNKRS app, activate the the camera and point it at a specific picture, and then you will be allowed to purchase the desired sneaker. My only gripes are: 1) iOS only and 2) only a handful of cities can take advantage of this exclusive app feature.

     SNKRS Pass is held for the hottest, most exclusive shoes that are dropping for the year. At the time of this writing SNKRS Pass has been reserved to NYC, Chicago, L.A. and Boston, not many cities when you look at the landscape. I’m sure Nike has their reasons and I’m sure they are good, official word is that SNKRS Pass access will be available to android devices soon; but how about bringing the access to more cities. Sneakerheads will travel for the ability to cop a sneaker before official release date.  I like what Nike is doing to take advantage of emerging tech and pushing trends will only benefit everyone.

     Augmented Reality is some very cool stuff, its making its way into the consumer landscape in ways that I have not imagined. Nike does a good job of infusing nostalgia and story into the latest sneakers, making people eager to buy.  The introduction of an emerging technology  builds on the consumer experience people have grown to appreciate.  Q1 is over making the rest of the year a very exciting time to enjoy sneakers.


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