Yeezy Bundle?

   What up world, so my page monitor went off not long ago, a chimpanzee alert, something that will definitely get my attention. I opened a new tab and saw nothing that i was anticipating. In fact, it resembled a lookbook; just some images of Kim K., so i left.
     Not long after I left i went to my favorite Canadian news source @Pinoe77. If you don’t know who this guy is, you are comfortably sleeping under a rock. He had what i needed, the current info for As it turns out Ye dropped the Desert Rat today, but like the Waverunner issa preorder. Consumers will have to wait until March 2018 before the Desert Rat ships. Not only that to get the shoe you must purchase a $240 hoodie and a $200 pair of sweatshorts.
    As a person who is slightly impatient about the time it takes to get anything in the mail, I’m would not want to wait 3 month before it ships and dropping  $760 with nothing coming for months. It not like this is new tech like the Red cameraphone coming in the new year.
    Im torn, with Kanye partnering with Adidas one wouldn’t expect this move as one to raise funds for manufacturing. So what is it? Is it a way to calculate actual demand and produce just that number? I don’t know, but I will pass on the Yeezy Bundle. Leave me your thoughts.

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