Confessions of a Sneakerhead: Respect Loss

     Im an early riser by nature since I go to work when most are sleep. So that naturally puts me in a good position to get ready for sneaker releases on Saturday morning. I recall getting a twitter notification for the PSNY 15’s that dropped not long ago, I was already up, and was able to cop for retail at A Ma Maniere, and that was a Sunday. So knowing the Jordan 1 Respect was a confirmed release, with twitter links in hand, I’m not expecting to take an L. I took a L, but it was not in the way I’m use to taking an L, this was a shoe I wanted, prepared for and I still lost off and was temporarily in my feelings.
     Typically, when I miss out on a shoe that I want, my money needs to be spent elsewhere,  or Nike is doing a regional Stash Drop or a lack of preparation. Let me say I am a Nike Boy, part of the large clandestine society that rocks only Jordan Brand and Nike. Though I do own ONE pair of Adidas, Wings & Horn Stan Smith in grey, looks very nice. I digress, none of the previous reasons is why I missed out on the sneaker, it was technology, or the lack there of in this case. When the links went live, once again the footsites could NOT handle the traffic.
     We live in a very technologically advance age, so to not be able to check out a shoe online baffles me. I kept getting an error script stating the item could not be added to cart due to site traffic. I was 38 hot, and instantly realized that I was not going to be able to cop for retail. Bots are nothing new so I personally say that those who run those websites DO NOT CARE. I say that because there are many ways to anticipate and prevent this, yes it is not cheap but it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.
     After that incident I refuse to shop any footsite, Eastbay svcks and Champs svcks also, since they are footsites and are just like Footlocker and Footaction, they svck also by default. Going into the store is one thing but the online experience is akin to being forced fed lima beans, a very frustrating painful experience. I am now more of a Nike Boy than ever, especially in the E-commerce avenue.

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